Accuphase PS-1210

Accuphase PS-1210

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Spændingsstabilisator / Strømrensere
Vægt: 48 kg.
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Power Supply Waveform and Clean PS-1210 Output Waveform
Almost all electrical devices used in a household convert the AC
supplied by the outlet into direct current for powering internal circuits.
This task is performed by a rectifier. As shown in photograph a, the
rectifier load current has a pulse waveform with a large current flowing
momentarily in the vicinity of the voltage peak. This causes a voltage
drop, resulting in clipping of the voltage waveform, as shown in
photograph b. A clipped waveform with a high amount of distortion
contains many unwanted frequency components, or harmonics, as
shown below. When entering the audio circuitry of an amplifier through
the power supply, such harmonic components can interfere with the
audio signal and cause intermodulation distortion, which has a highly
detrimental effect on sound quality. When passing through the
PS-1210, the deformed waveform is restored to its original sine wave
pattern (see frequency spectrum in the graph below). The result is a
clean sine waveform as shown in photograph