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Pris: DKK 16.500,00
Tilbud: DKK 11.500,00

Vægt: 20000 gram

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Separate enheder, forstærker, cd og tuner

The Primo Settanta REV2.0 is the first step to enter into the high fidelity field. Because of size, used materials and elegance is a unique product which can be easily placed in every enviroments.
In fact it provides circuital solutions with no compromises and features capable to satisfy advanced users' demands.
Primo Settanta is a 70 Watt channels amplifier with line inputs and phono stage, high-performance circuits with wide bandwidth and low feedback, separated circuit sections for each channel, linear analogic power supply with a toroidal transformer and five different stabilizing sections, highquality passive components, integrated-resistor network volume controls with no buffer for maximum sound transparency.
Primo Settanta REV2.0 solutions make the unit a valuable and durable investment.
output power 70W / 8Ohm p.c.
5 Line Inputs / 1 Phono Input (optional) + Tape Out

The Primo CD Player Rev2.0 contains all the principal characteristics of Audio Analogue CD Player technology inside. Its smart look and its high level of construction quality permit the PrimoCDRev2.0 to embellish any environment where it is located!

The Cd Mechanism used is the CD-5010A specifically designed by Teac for high quality audio application. The CD-5010A has been developed on the basis of a CD ROM mechanism which decreases the rotation speed and improves the reading procedure. This has the particular advantage of cutting down the jitter output level. The Audio Analogue R&D staff has worked with Teac during the developing and testing of the Cd mechanism, especially with the mechanical and vibration tests.

The Digital to analogue conversion circuit is composed by a 96 KHz/24Bit very low recovered system clock (residual jitter less than 50ps!) Burr Brown receiver and by a 24 Bit/192KHz Enhanced Multilevel Delta Sigma architecture DAC. The conversion circuit is placed on a separated board to avoid any high frequency disturbance on the audio signal.

The output stage is a classic audio configuration in which Audio Analogue has put all its experience and knowledge choosing the best cut off filter frequency and the best components for the circuit. Both passive and active components have been chosen, including the operational amplifier as well. This selection was made not only on the basis of calculations, simulations, and measurements but also after careful listening tests.

The manager software implemented comes from a long and careful research finalized to take advantage of the CD Mechanism at its best for a perfect audio return and for the best CD player management.

The results achieved make the Primo Cd Player Rev2.0 a CD Player of the upper most quality characterized by a perfect return of the complete spectrum of musical colours and with a well defined, wide, real and believable listening stage.

Primo CD
Dimensions 2,9 x 8,3 x 14,4 "
Weight 13,9 Lbs
THD @ 1KHz 0dBFs <0,003 %
THD @ 1KHz -10dBFs <0,007 %
Dynamic range 95 dB
Noise level -120 dBV
Output Level 1,90
Digital Output Coaxial
Unbalanced Output
CD Mechanism TEAC CD-5010A

To celebrate the first centenary since the invention of the tube, Audio Analogue presents Primo VT Tuner, equipment that combines modern and vacuum tube tube technology. Modern technologies are used for tuning while tube technology is used in the output stage. It is in this way we make the absolute most of the qualities of vacuum tube technology and highlight the characteristics of vacuum tube sound.
The passive components used are all high-quality with low-tolerance chosen not only for their specifications but, most important at of all, after long careful listening tests. The unit is supplied by a toroidal transformer and is divided into 3 different stabilization sections.
Its special features and its circuital solutions with no compromises make Primo VT Tuner a high-quality, high-precision unit.
Dimensions 2,9 x 8,3 x 14,4 "
Weight 9,9 Lbs
Output Level FM: 500 - 700mV AM: 115 - 215mV
Usable Sens FM: 12 dBu max AM: 60 dBu max
FM: 87,5MHz - 108MHz
AM: 567KHz - 1,6MHz
Noise Level (0Hz - 20KHz) -120 dB
Signal/Noise Ratio (20Hz - 20KHz) FM 60 dB min
Signal/Noise Ratio(20Hz - 20KHz) AM 40 dB min

AudioButikken  -  Torvegade 16  -  7800 Skive
Tlf. 97510833  -  Fax. 97525377  -  E-mail: adm@audiobutikken.dk  -  CVR-nummer: 16254045